Houston Texans – Looking For Football Inspiration

Football has been one of the favorite sports of Americans, and even people from around the Globe. There are those who would even hold Super Bowl parties with their friends complete with their favorite team’s uniforms, beer caps, chips, and that giant hand signaling “number 1”. Some families even have tradition of playing touch ball with each other for different occasions. Whether you play or just love to watch, football is one of the most exciting sports, especially if you are watching the world’s top players on the NFL.

Many football players have dreamt of playing in the NFL as early as they could remember. The hard thing about it is that not everyone who aspires to play professional football has the physical capacity, or enough passion for the game. There are exceptional athletes though that didn’t show much promise, but would create amazing careers for themselves. Here is one example of a great player that didn’t exactly seem to have the goods at first, but now is regarded as one of the best quarter backs in NFL history.

Brett Favre

One of the most idolized quarter backs is Brett Favre. He was best known for playing with the Green Back Packers; a team which he led to seven division championships, two NFC เข้าสู่ระบบ ufabet Championships, and a Super Bowl Championship. He has several NFL records to his name such as being the only three-time AP MVP ever in the NFL, most career touchdown passes, most career passing yards, and the list goes on. He wasn’t always the superb athlete people have known him to be. He actually only started out as a 7th string QB back in college where he played for Southern Mississippi. It was the only university that had offered him a scholarship and they wanted him to play defensive back (though he insisted on playing QB).

He was then given a break during one of their games (in spite of being hung over). In 1991, he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons during the 2nd round of the draft, 33rd overall. The Atlanta coach didn’t even want him there. During his career in Atlanta (one season), he was only able to attempt 4 passes and not complete a single one of them. The following season, he was traded to the Green Bay Packers, and his first game seemed to be disastrous as well. During that game, he had a bad start but one play would change his fate. It was during the 3rd game of the 1992 season that starting QB Don Majkowski injured himself, and was immediately replaced by Favre. He had a bad performance, but with 1:07 left in the game and trailing 23-17, he completed an amazing 42 yard pass from their 8 yard line